Legal company 'Verum Lowyers' pleased to announce that take part in the International Black Sea private forum, to be held 20-22 October 2015 in Odessa.

Among the invited delegates are the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Ministry of Transport and Communications of Latvia and Lithuania, the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Moldova, the Ministry of Sustainable Development of Georgia, Ministry of Infrastructure and Development of Poland, Ministry of Transport and Communications of Kazakhstan, Administration seaports of Ukraine, the State Railways Administration of Ukraine, European Business Association, the Association of the Black and Azov, Association of container lines of Ukraine.

As part of the International Forum Victoria Minaeva, a partner of law firm 'Verum Lowyers' will make a report with the theme: 'Legal problems of the current state and prospects of maritime transport on the experience of the EU'.


On September, 29th in Kiev beginning and skilled businessmen from Crimea and the east of the country will acquaint with pressing questions of the labour law for effective business dealing.

Work on subordinates is the major aspect of activity of any businessman. Efficiency of this work is defined by that, how much well the employer knows the labour legislation of the country. Training will help to understand the main aspects of the labour law, as well as to turn out a number of knowledge and skills in area of jurisprudence for maintenance of ability to live of business in practice.

To participation in training businessmen, owners StartUp, R&D, everyone who begins the business, owners of average and large business are invited.

On training with participants Victoria Minaev will work. Victoria – not only the professional and most experienced lawyer, but also very smiling person charged by positive energy. It is not her first training for the people who have left Crimea and the east, – Victoria is long-standing and valuable volunteer of CrimeaSoS.


Complex training on IT-lawThe legal company 'Verum lawyers' 17.09.2015 has lead complex training by the IT-law for  IT-experts, representatives of business and philistines of the Internet area.

At a seminar the best experts both European and Ukrainian have been used as examples for consideration, on consideration own experts also have been provided.

The basic mission of a seminar is directed on reception of practical experience for use in a daily practice, noegenesis on legal bases of IT-area, bases of a legal protection of the broken rights to intellectual property in IT-area.


Currency proceedsBecause of imperfection of the legislation infringement of time-frames of return of currency proceeds under the external economic contracts becomes frequent inevitable.

Article 42 of Constitution of Ukraine says that everyone has the rights to the entrepreneurial business which has been not forbidden by the law. At realization of economic activities everyone is obliged to comply strictly with the Constitution of Ukraine and the laws of Ukraine, not to encroach on the rights and freedom, honour and dignity of other people (article 68 of Constitution of Ukraine). At the same time in practice there are situations when infringement of laws becomes inevitable for the different reasons.

On of such situations is the infringement of time-frames of return of currency proceeds under the external economic contracts. Most the high incidence of such infringement when the resident (customer) and the non-resident (supplier) sign the external contract. The non-resident sends to the resident the goods and the resident cannot pay it. The advice specified in this article will not remove the responsibility at counterparts, but minimize negative consequences which are entailed with infringement of the order of foreign trade activities.