Training by the labour law

On September, 29th in Kiev beginning and skilled businessmen from Crimea and the east of the country will acquaint with pressing questions of the labour law for effective business dealing.

Work on subordinates is the major aspect of activity of any businessman. Efficiency of this work is defined by that, how much well the employer knows the labour legislation of the country. Training will help to understand the main aspects of the labour law, as well as to turn out a number of knowledge and skills in area of jurisprudence for maintenance of ability to live of business in practice.

To participation in training businessmen, owners StartUp, R&D, everyone who begins the business, owners of average and large business are invited.

On training with participants Victoria Minaev will work. Victoria – not only the professional and most experienced lawyer, but also very smiling person charged by positive energy. It is not her first training for the people who have left Crimea and the east, – Victoria is long-standing and valuable volunteer of CrimeaSoS.

During training Victoria will work some questions with participants:

  • The review of the labour legislation of Ukraine;
  • Legal aspects of attitudes with employees and contractors;
  • The conclusion of the collective agreement: a duty or the right of the employer?
  • The order of employment (the conclusion of labour contracts and contracts);
  • Features of employment of foreign citizens;
  • Choice of structure of working hours (nonnormalized  working day, the account of working hours, a flexible hours of work);
  • The order and procedure of supply and registration of vacations.

On the termination of training the presentation and the invitation to free individual consultation will be sent to listeners. 

Training organize the public initiative «CrimeaSOS» and the legal company «Verum Lawyers», at support of the legal partner – the Legal stock exchange "Principal".

Action free. For participation in training it is necessary to be registered under the link.

Date: 29.09.15

Time: 18:30

Duration: 3 hours with a break.

Seat of carrying out: the HOUSE of FREE PEOPLE (street Kirillovskaja (Frunze), 13d, Kiev)

In occasion of all organizational questions we ask to address the  phone (068) 808-78-47 or on e-mail: