Private legal company «Verum Lawyers» offers to your attention a set of procedures for your business for obtaining licenses for all types of activity which are subjected to licensing.

Law firm "Verum Lawyers" provides the following services for obtaining licenses:

  • comprehensive legal support of legal entities and private entrepreneurs for obtaining licenses, which are necessary for the unimpeded conduct activity;
  • analyze and prepare quality basic legal advice and derivations for legal entities and private entrepreneurs regarding how to obtain the license, which preparations for this purpose it is necessary to pass, what are the requirements to within the framework of current legislation of Ukraine on licensing;
  • development of necessary documents to obtain a license;
  • legal support of legal entities and private entrepreneurs under appropriate checks licensing bodies and confirmation of compliance of business conditions product requirements;
  • high-quality legal protection in the presence of the claims of the licensing bodies after the checking procedure and your business operates within the existing permits;
  • assistance in restoring earlier existing license, if she was suspended;
  • legal protection of the controlling and law enforcement agencies on questions of Enterprises within the framework of received license.


Election 2015One of the most components of success in the election process, as at the beginning and on Election Day is the professional legal support. Predict, plan and protect the candidates for deputies, heads of city, village and village councils in the objective for a lawyer from the electoral law.

We offer all-inclusive subscriber's legal service of the election campaign, which envisages rendering legal services on a regular basis for legal issues, which arising in the course of the election process with your participation.

Having concluded with us a contract for all-inclusive subscriber's legal service, you also get 20% discount on legal services with a fixed price, not included in the package of services according tj the contract.

Our conditions in the speed and quality of providing legal services, coordination of all actions with customer services, the possibility of rendering legal services at any time, including weekends and holidays. Our task is to provide clients with timely and qualified legal assistance in any testimony and at all stages of the election process.


The private Law Firm "Verum Lawyers" offers for your attention quality legal services.

Now we provide the following legal services:

  • full legal support of any business;
  • preparation of corporate documents, registration of changes in constituent documents, registration and re-registration of companies;
  • projecting of legal documents for business;
  • legal analysis of contracts for revealing possible risks, provide quality recommendation concerning preparing contracts of all types;
  • mediator services;
  • consulting on tax issues;
  • assistance in obtaining all types of documents (conclusions from the Ministry of Health, all types of permits and also at all kinds of licenses);
  • rendering the conclusions on audit in accordance with legislation of Ukraine;
  • pre-trial settlement of disputes;
  • assessment of prospects of judicial proceedings, rendering a written conclusion and recommendations regarding the case strategy;
  • representation of interests in court;
  • training of scientific and practical examinations, in particular, with regard to solving problems connected with customs regimes, import of goods  and/or vehicles.
  • an urgent departure to client, etc.


The Private Law Firm "Verum Lawyers" orders you high-quality barrister services. Qualified barristers of our company are always on guard of legality and protection its clients.

Managing partner of the company and a barrister, Victoria Minaeva, has the outcome of a large number of solved positively affairs and processes, including criminal ones.

Now more and more increases the necessity of protecting both personal rights and interests of business that manage or have clients. Qualified legal assistant is one of the factors that help in difficult times to keep doing business in a legal way and to defend their property. Timely applies to the barristers of our company, you will be guaranteed preservation your psychological balance, funds and business.

Law Firm "Verum Lawyers" provides the following services of barrister:

  • the comprehensive support for occupation of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs on all categories issues requiring barrister's interference;
  • in-depth analysis by the barrister of all risks facing your business and option to prevent their negative effects in the feature;
  • barrister's support of court cases to their logical conclusion with maximum application efforts for positive solutions  in interests  of the clients;
  • services of barrister give an opportunity to get reliable protection against the controlling and law enforcement bodies on various issues that arise in the process of doing business and clients in personal situations.