Obtaining licenses

Private legal company «Verum Lawyers» offers to your attention a set of procedures for your business for obtaining licenses for all types of activity which are subjected to licensing.

Law firm "Verum Lawyers" provides the following services for obtaining licenses:

  • comprehensive legal support of legal entities and private entrepreneurs for obtaining licenses, which are necessary for the unimpeded conduct activity;
  • analyze and prepare quality basic legal advice and derivations for legal entities and private entrepreneurs regarding how to obtain the license, which preparations for this purpose it is necessary to pass, what are the requirements to within the framework of current legislation of Ukraine on licensing;
  • development of necessary documents to obtain a license;
  • legal support of legal entities and private entrepreneurs under appropriate checks licensing bodies and confirmation of compliance of business conditions product requirements;
  • high-quality legal protection in the presence of the claims of the licensing bodies after the checking procedure and your business operates within the existing permits;
  • assistance in restoring earlier existing license, if she was suspended;
  • legal protection of the controlling and law enforcement agencies on questions of Enterprises within the framework of received license.

Verum Lawyers offers its customers with quality services, due to which you no hassle and extra nerves, to obtain a license, you need.

Our highly skilled specialists are always glad to help you in solving any issues In order to obtain the necessary licenses, as well as in the solution of issues concerning the confirmation of compliance to continue their actions.

Professional lawyers of «Verum Lawyers» help in the solution of tasks of any complexity in obtaining licenses, as well as their confirmation and recovery.

Please contact us and we are happy to help you!